Table Bc04: Mussel fauna of Moreau basin

Table Bc04: Mussel fauna of Moreau basin (Oesch 1984, Missouri natural heritage database 1999, MDC 2002c).
Common Name (Status) Scientific Name Habitat type Sample site
Three-Ridge Amblema plicata gravel, gravel-mud, tolerant of polluted water 95111
Paper floater Anodonta imbecilis ponds, lakes, rivers, quiet backwaters, eddies, sandy to muddy substrate -
Asiatic clam Corbicula fluminea any habitat, small-medium rivers, lakes, stable gravel in swift water 96089
Wabash Pig-toe Fusconaia flava gravel and sand with moderate current 96089
Pocketbook Lampsilis cardium quiet-swift water, any substrate except sand 79076, 79079
Fat mucket Lampsilis siliquoidea any substrate, moderate-slow moving water, soft mud of lakes 95111
Yellow sandshell Lampsilis teres large, warm, turbid rivers 96089, 95111
White heel-splitter Lasmigona c. complanata rivers assoc. with large rivers, sluggish, turbid with mud, mud-gravel substrate 96089
Fragile papershell Leptodea fragilis small-large streams, mud, mud-gravel, gravel, clear or murky water 79076, 79079, 96089
Black sandshell (S1, S2, G5)* Ligumia recta small-large size gravel, good current lower Moreau
Pond mussel Ligumia subrostrata quiet river pools, sloughs, shallow ponds 96089, 95111, 80074
Threehorn wartyback Obliquaria reflexa medium-large rivers, moderate current, gravel, gravel-sand, gravel-mud 79076
Pink heel-splitter Potamilus alatus slow-swift water, lake, lake-like river, any habitat 79076, 79079
Giant floater Pyganodon grandis grandis quiet water with mud or mud-gravel substrate, lakes 96089
Pimple-back Quadrula pustulosa small-large streams, any substrate except shifting sand 79076
Maple leaf Quadrula quadrula clear or turbid, small-medium gravel or rocks with or without mud interspersed, large rivers 79076, 96089
Peaclam Sphaerid sp. - 96089, 95111
Squaw foot Strophitus undulatus gravel to gravel-mud, flowing water 79076, 95111
Liliput shell Toxolasma parvus quiet waters, lake, mud, mud-sand 80074
Pistol-grip Tritogonia verrucosa any substrate 79076, 96089
Fawn's Foot Truncilla donaciformis small & large rivers 79076, 79079
Deer-toe Truncilla truncata mud-gravel to larger rocks, moderately swift water 79076
Pondhorn Uniomerus tetralasmus mud bottom lakes, pools, oxbows, sloughs 80074
Paper pondshell Utterbackia imbecillis ponds or lakes,small-large rivers in backwaters and eddies with sand to mud substrate 96089, 80074
Ellipse Venustaconcha ellipsiformis small-medium steams, stable gravel bottom 96089

*S1=critically imperiled in the state because of extreme rarity or because of some factor(s) making it vulnerable to extirpation from the state (typically 5 or fewer occurrences or very few remaining individuals). *S2=imperiled in the state because of rarity because of some factor(s) making it vulnerable to extirpation from the state (typically 6-20 occurrences or few remaining individuals or acres). *G5=Demonstrably widespread, abundant, and secure globally, although it may be rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.

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