Table Bc02: Fish list for smaller streams in Moreau Basin sampled

Table Bc02: Fish list for smaller streams in Moreau Basin sampled; 1940-98.
Common Name (intolerant species in bold)a Presence in A=1940; B=1961-66; C=none; D=1995-98
Straight Fork Burris Fork Brush Creek Willow Fork Clark Fork Tributary 1st order
Black bullhead B A
Yellow Bullhead A,D B D B,D
River Carpsucker D
Quillback D
White Sucker A,B,D A D
Northern Hog Sucker A,D
Green Sunfish A,B,D A,B,D D B,D D D
Orange Spotted Sunfish A A,D D
Bluegill B,D B,D B,D D D
Longear Sunfish B,D D D D D
Smallmouth Bass B A,D
Spotted Bass D
Largemouth Bass A,B,D A,B,D D
Black Redhorse B
Golden Redhorse A,B,D A,D
Largescale Stoneroller B,D D B,D D
Central Stoneroller A,B,D A,B,D D B,D D
Red Shiner A,B,D A,B,D B,D
Northern Studfish D D D D
Blackspotted Topminnow B,D B,D D B
Plains Topminnow A
Western Mosquitofish D
Brook Silverside A,D D
Common Shiner A,B
Western Redfin Shiner A,B,D A,D B,D
Hornyhead Chub A,B,D A D
Golden Shiner D D
Blacknose shiner A
Ozark Minnow D D
Rosyface Shiner A,B,D A,B,D D B,D
Sand Shiner A,D A,B,D D B,D
Topeka Shiner
Southern Redbelly Dace D
Bluntnose Minnow A,B,D A,B,D B,D D
Fathead Minnow B D
Creek Chub A,B,D A,B,D D B,D D D
Ozark Sculpin D
Greenside Darter B,D B,D D
Striped Fantail Darter B,D A,B,D D B,D D
Johnny Darter A,B,D A,B,D B,D
Northern Orangethroat Darter A,B,D A,B,D D B,D D
Slender Madtom B,D D D D
Ozark Logperch B,D A,D
Suckermouth Minnow A,B B

a Pflieger, personal communication

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