Table Hy01: USGS Quadrangle Maps Covering Lamine River Watershed

Table Hy01: USGS Quadrangle Maps Covering Lamine River Watershed

USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle maps covering mainstem and longest arm of fourth order and above streams in the Lamine River Basin. Maps are listed in order from mouth of stream to headwaters.
Stream Maps
Lamine River (confluence with Blackwater river to confluence of Richland and Flat Creeks) Pilot Grove North, Nelson, Clifton City, Pilot Grove South, Otterville East
Brush Creek Pilot Grove North, Pilot Grove South
Heath's Creek Nelson, Longwood, Houstonia, Hughesville
Marlin Creek Nelson, Clifton City
Clear Creek Nelson, Clifton City, Pilot Grove South
Muddy Creek Clifton City, Beaman, Hughesville, Sedalia West, Green Ridge North, Burtville, Windsor
Shaver Creek Clifton City, Otterville West, Sedalia East
Sewer Branch Beaman, Sedalia East
Little Muddy Creek Hughesville, La Monte
Coon Creek Sedalia West
Otter Creek Otterville East, Tipton
Richland Creek Otterville East, Florence, Stover
Gabriel Creek Otterville East, Florence, Pyromont
Little Richmond Creek Otterville East, Florence, Fortuna
Messer Creek Otterville East, Tipton
Middle Richland Creek Florence, Stover
Flat Creek Otterville East, Otterville West, Sedalia East, Sedalia West, Ionia, Green Ridge South, Lincoln
Haw Creek Otterville West, Pyromont, Crockerville
Lake Creek Otterville West, Pyromont, Bahner, Cole Camp
Walnut Creek Sedalia East, Bahner
Spring Fork Sedalia East, Bahner

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