Table Hy01: Jacks Fork watershed - surface discharge stations

Jacks Fork watershed - surface discharge stations - United States Geological Survey

Table Hy01. United States Geological Survey surface discharge stations within the Jacks Fork Watershed (USGS 2000a).
Station # Station Name Drainage Area (mi2) Data Type Period of Record
07066000 Jacks Fork at Eminence, MO 398 d,p 1921-Present (1999)
07065500 Alley Spring at Alley, MO - d 1928-1939 1965-1979
07065200 Jacks Fork near Mountain View Not Available s 2000-present
07065495 Jacks Fork at Alley Spring, MO 298 d,p 1993-Present (1999)

Record Type: d = daily discharge, p = peak flow, s = stage.

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