Table Ge01: Geology and Springs Jacks Fork watershed

Table Ge01. Jacks Fork Watershed stream reaches designated as losing in Table J Rules of Department of Natural Resources Division 20-Clean Water Commission Chapter 7- Water Quality. Code of State Regulations (MDNR 1999a).
Stream Miles From To
Jam Up Creek 5.0 SW,NE,SE,22,27N,07W NW,SE,SE,04,27N,06W
Johnny Hollow 1.0 SW,NE,SE,06,27N,05W SW,NW,SE,36,28N,06W
Pine Hollow 2.0 SW,NW,NW,30,28N,04W NE,NW,NE,17,28N,04W

Note: This table is not a final authority.

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