Table Hy01: USGS Quadrangle Maps Covering Grand River Watershed

Table Hy01: USGS Quadrangle Maps Covering Grand River Watershed

USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle maps covering main stream and longest arm of fifth order and above streams in the Grand River Basin. Maps are listed in order from mouth of stream to headwaters.
Stream Order Map Name
Big Creek (Carroll) 5 Brunswick West, Bosworth, Tina, Coloma, Bogard
Big Creek (Daviess and Harrison) 6 Coffey, Pattonsburg, Mitchellville, Bethany, Brooklyn, Pawnee, Kellerton
Big Creek, East Fork 5 Bethany, Gardner, Eagleville, Lamoni South, Lamoni North
Big Muddy Creek 5 Gallatin, Jameson, Gilman City West
Big Muddy Creek, East Fork 5 Albany North, New Hampton, Washington Center, Hatfield
Bridge Creek 5 Tina, Avalon
Brush Creek 5 Cainsville, Eagleville
Brushy Creek 5 Cameron East, Winston
Coon Creek 5 Meadville, Eversonville
East Locust Creek 5 Browning, Milan West, Milan East, Pollock, Unionville West
Elk Creek (Chariton) 5 Mendon, Sumner, Rothville, Marceline, Brookfield
Elk Creek (Decatur, IA) 5 Lamoni North, Grand River, Ellston
Grand River 8 Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Bosworth, Hale, Fountain Grove, Avalon, Utica East, Chillicothe, Sampsel, Breckenridge, Jamesport, Gallatin, Altamont, Coffey, Pattonsburg, Berlin, Albany South, Darlington, Gentry, Alanthus Grove, Parnell East, Sheridan, Blockton, Maloy, Benton, Diagonal, Shannon City, Arispe, Creston East
Grand River, East Fork 6 Albany South, Albany North, Allendale, Blockton S.E., Hatfield, Mount Ayr, Tingley, Arispe
Grand River Middle Fork 5 Darlington, Gentry, Grant City, Blockton S.E., Benton
Grand River (Old Channel) 5 Breckenridge, Nettleton, Gallatin
Grindstone Creek 7 Pattonsburg, Weatherby, Winston, Fordham, Cameron West
Honey Creek (Grundy) 5 Farmersville, Trenton East, Spickard, Mill Grove, Half Rock, Ravanna
Honey Creek (Daviess) 5 Gallatin, Nettleton, Kidder, Altamont
Island Creek 5 Stanberry, King City
Little Creek 5 Bethany, Brooklyn
Little East Locust Creek 5 Browning, Milan S.E., Milan East
Little Medicine Creek 5 Laredo, Galt, Half Rock, Ravanna, Cleopatra
Little River 5 Princeton, Lineville, Pleasanton, Leon, Davis City, Van Wert, Lacelle
Little Shoal Creek 5 Cameron West, Lathrop
Locust Creek 7 Fountain Grove, Sumner, Laclede, Linneus, Browning, Milan West, Pollock S.W., Pollock N.W., St. John, Seymour West
Log Creek 5 Hamilton East, Cowgill, Polo, Hamilton West, Elmira
Long Branch 5 Cameron East, Winston
Long Creek 5 Grand River, Van Wert, Hopeville, Murray
Lost Creek 7 Weatherby, Maysville, Wood, Ford City
Lost Creek, East Fork 5 Maysville, Berlin
Lost Creek, Middle Fork 6 Maysville, Berlin, Ford City
Lost Creek, West Fork 6 Maysville, Fordham, Amity
Lotts Creek 5 Allendale, Blockton S.E., Hatfield, Mount Ayr, Kellerton, Ellston
Marrowbone Creek 5 Nettleton, Kidder, Winston
Medicine Creek 6 Avalon, Wheeling, Chula, Laredo, Lindley, Osgood, Harris, Lucerne, Powersville, Allerton
Mill Creek 5 Hamilton West, Kidder
Mud Creek Ditch 5 Utica West, Braymer, Stet, Millville
Muddy Creek (Carroll County) 5 Avalon, Wheeling, Chula, Eversonville, Lindley, Osgood
Muddy Creek (Grundy County) 5 Trenton East, Spickard, Mill Grove, Princeton, Cleopatra, Lineville
Muddy Creek (Linn County) 5 Laclede, Linneus
No Creek 5 Farmersville, Trenton East, Laredo, Galt, Half Rock
No Name (T56N,R30W, S15) 5 Cameron West
No Name (T58N, R31W, S2) 5 Fordham, Amity, Wood
Parson Creek 6 Fountain Grove, Meadville, Eversonville, Lindley
Pops Branch 5 Princeton, Lineville
Raccoon Creek 5 Brimson, Trenton West, Bancroft
Sampson Creek 5 Pattonsburg, Matkins, New Hampton
Sheep Creek 5 Hamilton West, Winston
Shoal Creek 6 Utica East, Utica West, Flat Creek, Hamilton East, Hamilton West, Cameron East, Cameron West, Lathrop
Smith Branch 5 Weatherby, Winston
Sugar Creek 6 Brimson, Gilman City East, Gilman City West, Gardner
Thompson River (Old Channel) 5 Trenton East, Trenton West
Thompson River 7 Chillicothe, Farmersville, Trenton East, Trenton West, Brimson, Mount Moriah, Cainsville, Akron, Davis City, Lamoni North, Grand River, Tingley N.E., Lorimor South, Afton, Macksburg, Arbor Hill, Greenfield
Three-Mile Creek 5 Lorimor South, Afton, Creston East, Zion
Tom Creek 5 Hamilton East, Hamilton West, Kidder
Trail Creek 5 Mount Moriah, Gardner
Turkey Creek (Chariton County) 5 Sumner, Laclede, Linneus
Turkey Creek (Gentry County) 5 Stanberry, Guilford
Unnamed #31 5 Browning, Milan West, Osgood
Wamsley Creek 5 Fordham, Winston
Weldon River 6 Trenton West, Brimson, Spickard, Mill Grove, Princeton, Lineville, Woodland, Leon, Garden Grove S.W., Weldon, Lacelle
West Elk Creek (Decatur County, Iowa) 5 Lamoni North, Kellerton, Ellston
West Fork Lost Creek 6 Maysville, Fordham, Amity
West Locust Creek 6 Linneus, Browning, Milan West, Osgood, Harris, Lucerne
West Muddy Creek 5 Spickard, Brimson, Modena, Goshen
West Yellow Creek 5 Rothville, Brookfield, Shelby, Bucklin N.W., Milan S.E., Winigan, Milan East, Mystic, Green City, Pollock
Wildcat Creek 6 Darlington, Stanberry, Ravenwood
Wolf Creek 5 Trenton West
Yellow Creek 6 Hale, Mendon, Indian Grove, Rothville, Marceline, Bucklin, Bucklin N.W., Winigan, Mystic

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