Table Lu03: Public Land Ownership within the Gasconade River Watershed

Table Lu03: Public Land Ownership within the Gasconade River Watershed

(MDC, MoRAP 1997) Acreage within the Gasconade River watershed including Big Piney River watershed (Bolded).
Name Acres Owner
United States Forest Service 209,828.82 United States Forest Service
Adams (Anna M) Access 16.43 MO Dept. of Conservation (MDC) a
Allen (Wilbur) Mem CA1 375.57 MDC
Austin Community Lake 56.06 MDC
Baptist Camp Access 7.41 MDC
Bear Creek CA 758.01 MDC
Beaver Creek CA 147.35 MDC
Bell Chute Access 8.10 MDC
Boesl (L A) Outdoor Education Area 8.81 MDC
Boiling Spring Access 11.18 MDC
Bray (Marguerite) CA 129.10 MDC
Buzzard Bluff Access 82.08 MDC
Cabool Towersite 17.43 MDC
Camp Branch Access 21.03 MDC
Canaan CA 1,397.50 MDC
Canaan Towersite 3.15 MDC
Cheerful Hill Access 55.97 MDC
Clement (R F) Mem Forest & WA 512.98 MDC
Clifty Creek CA 255.39 MDC
Clifty Creek DNA2 253.70 Private
Cooper Hill CA 247.40 MDC
Davis Ford Access 17.02 MDC
Dixon Towersite 43.78 MDC
Dog's Bluff Access 4.59 MDC
Dripping Springs DNA 9.14 Private
Dripping Springs NA3 2.07 MDC
Drynob Access 15.51 MDC
Eck (Peter A) CA 113.65 MDC
Eck Memorial DNA 270.59 MDC
Fredericksburg Ferry Access 6.03 MDC
Ft Leonard Wood Towersite 63.79 MDC
Fuson (John Alva, Md) CA 1,270.67 MDC
Gasconade District Head Quarters 4.14 MDC
Gasconade Hills CA 362.73 MDC
Gasconade Park Access 1.86 MDC
Goose Creek CA 365.99 MDC
Great Spirit Cave CA 13.26 MDC
Hazelgreen Access 0.61 MDC
Helds Island Access 10.58 MDC
Horseshoe Bend DNA 95.26 Private
Horseshoe Bend NA 223.12 MDC
Houston Forestry Office 1.86 MDC
Houston Towersite 20.21 MDC
Hull Ford Access 11.80 MDC
Jerome Access 9.57 MDC
Lebanon Forestry Office 10.21 MDC
Lebanon Towersite 3.37 MDC
Lenox Towersite 6.02 MDC
Mason Bridge Access 9.26 MDC
Mineral Springs Access 6.58 MDC
Niangua CA 137.93 MDC
Odin Access 131.25 MDC
Osage Fork CA 282.44 MDC
Paydown Access 6.41 MDC
Pilot Knob Towersite 4.14 MDC
Piney River Narrows DNA 249.10 Private
Piney River Narrows NA 17.98 MDC
Pointers Creek Access 18.05 MDC
Quercus Flatwoods DNA 52.02 MDC
Rader Access 65.45 MDC
Riddle Bridge Access 7.58 MDC
Rollins Ferry Access 20.19 MDC
Ross Access 2.70 MDC
Roubidoux Creek CA 289.50 MDC
Ryden Cave CA 29.20 MDC
Schlicht Springs Access 13.18 MDC
Simmons Ford Access 3.28 MDC
Spring Creek Gap CA 1,797.10 MDC
Spring Creek Gap Glades DNA 42.24 MDC
White (George O) SF4 Nursery 702.16 MDC
inholding 1.92 Private
Total public land acreage 221,040.58  

1Conservation Area, 2Designated Natural Area, 3Natural Area, 4State Forest. Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)a

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