Table Hc07: Cross-reference of Wetland Classification Systems

Table Hc07: Cross-reference of Wetland Classification Systems

Taken from Epperson (1992).
Missouri Wetland Types SCS Food Security Act Missouri Natural Terrestrial Communities Cowardin et al.
1. Swamp Wetland (Wetland Wooded or Wetland Forested) Swamp Ponded Swamp Palustrine Forested Wetland
2. Shrub Swamp Wetland (Wetland Shrub) Shrub Swamp Pond Shrub Swamp Palustrine Scrub-shrub Wetland
3. Forested Wetland Wetland (Wetland Wooded or Wetland Forested) Mesic Bottomland Forest (in part) Wet Mesic Bottomland Forest Wet Bottomland Forest Flat Woods (in part) Wet-Mesic Savanna Palustrine Forested Wetland
4. Marsh Wetland Freshwater Marsh Saline Marsh Pond Marsh Palustrine Emergent Wetland, Lacustrine Emergent Wetland, Riverine Emergent Wetland
5. Wet Meadow Wetland Wetland Pasture Wet-Mesic Prairie Wet Prairie Palustrine Emergent Marsh
6. Fens and Seeps Wetland Fen, Deep muck fen, Prairie fen, Forested fen, Seep, Acid seep, Forested acid seep, Saline seep Palustrine Emergent Marsh
7. Natural Ponds and Lakes Wetland (Wetland Open Water) (Wetland Emergent) N/A Palustrine Open Water Wetland, Palustrine Unconsolidated Bottom Wetland, Palustrine Aquatic Bed Wetland, Lacustrine Littoral Wetland
8. Streams Wetland (Open Water) Sandbar, Gravelwash Riverine Upper Perennial, Riverine Lower Perennial, Riverine Intermittent Stream

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