Table Bc05: Sensitive Animal Species Known from the Gasconade River

Table Bc05: Sensitive Animal Species Known from the Gasconade River

(printout from the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Fish Research collection and the Natural Heritage Database, 2000).
Sensitive Animal Species Federal Status1 State Status State Rank
Alosa alabamae (Alabama shad)     S2
Carpiodes velifer (Highfin carpsucker)     S2
Crystallaria asprella (Crystal darter)   E S1
Etheostoma microperca (Least darter)     S2
Fundulus sciadicus (Plains topminnow)     S3
Hiodon tergisus (Mooneye)     S3
Ichthyomyzon gagei (Southern brook Lamprey)     S2S3
Notropis heterolepis (Blacknose shiner)     S2
Percina cymatotaenia (Bluestripe darter)     S2
Typhichthys subterraneus (Southern cavefish)     S2S3
Ambystoma annulatum (Ringed salamander)     S3
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis (Eastern hellbender)     S2
Hemidactylium scumtatum (Four-toed salamander)     S4
Alasmidonta marginata (Elktoe)     S2?
Cumberlandia monodonta (Spectalcecase)     S3
Elliptio crassidens (Elephant-ear)   E S1
Fusconaia ebena (Ebonyshell)   E S1?
Lampsilis abrupta (Pink mucket) E E S2
Leptodea leptodon (Scaleshell)   E S2
Ligumia recta (Black Sandshell)     S1S2
Ptychobranchus occidentalis (Ouachita Kidneyshell)     S2S3
Plethabasus cyphyus (Sheepnose)   E S1
Allocrangonyx hubrichti (Central Missouri cave amphipod)     S1S2
Cambarus hubrichti (Salem cave crayfish)     S3
Fallicambarus fodiens (Digger crayfish)     S2S3
Stygobromus onondagaensis (Onondoga Cave amphipod)     S3?
Acroneuria ozarkensis (Perlid stonefly)     S2
Accipiter cooperii (Cooper's hawk)     S3
Accipiter striatus (Sharp-Shined hawk)     S2
Ammodramus henslowii (Henslow's sparrow)     S2
Ardea herodias (Great blue heron)     S5
Buteo lineatus (Red-Shouldered hawk)     S3
Cistothorus palustris (Marsh wren)     S2
Dendroica cerulea (Cerulean warbler)     S2S3
Gallinula chloropus (Common moorhen)     S2
Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald eagle) T E S2
Vireo bellii (Bell's vireo)     S3

State status: E=Endangered Federal status: E=Endangered; T=Threatened State rank: S1=critically imperiled in Missouri; S2=Imperiled in Missouri; S3=rare in Missouri.

Key Messages: 

Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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