Table Lu06: Public lands within the Eleven Point Watershed

Table Lu06. Public lands within the Eleven Point Watershed (MDC 1995). For areas only partially in the watershed, total acreage is given in parenthesis.
Name Owner Acres*
Bald Hill Glade DNA USFS 196 (335)
Birch Creek CA MDC 5705
Cover Memorial WA MDC 151 (282)
Cowards Hollow DNA USFS 23
Dean Davis CA MDC 177
Mountain View Towersite MDC 30
Myrtle Access MDC 29
Rose Hill Towersite MDC 8
Sims Valley Community Lake MDC 110
Thomasville Towersite MDC 36
Tupelo Gum Pond DNA USFS 25
West Plains Fairground Facility MDC <5
Mark Twain National Forest USFS 137,442
TOTAL - 143,937

Note: Data subject to change. *Estimates are approximate. Owner: MDC=Missouri Department of Conservation, USFS=United States Forest Service. Name: CA=Conservation Area, DNA=Designated Natural Area, WA=Wildlife Area.

Key Messages: 

Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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