Table Hy02: Highest and Lowest Instantaneous Discharges

Table Hy02. Highest and lowest instantaneous discharges and date of occurrence at three gage stations within the Eleven Point Watershed (USGS 1995).
Station Number Station Name Period of Record Highest Instantaneous Flow and Date of Occurrence Lowest Instantaneous Flow and Date of Occurrence
07070500 Eleven Point R near Thomasville 1951-1976 10,400 cfs February, 1966 3.0 cfs Sept. 1954
07071000 Greer Spring near Greer 1921-1994 1,770 cfs December, 1982 104 cfs Nov.1956
07071500 Eleven Point R. near Bardley 1921-1994 49,800 cfs December, 1982 152 cfs Jan. 1956

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