Table Wq04: Waste Water Treatment Facilities within Current River Watershed

Table Wq04: Waste Water Treatment Facilities within Current River Watershed

Municipal and non-municipal waste water facilities within the Current River Watershed (MDNR 1998a, 2000e).
Facility Name County Facility1 Type Receiving Stream Flow2
Doniphan Municipal WWTF Ripley POTW Trib. to Current R. 0.456
Dorris Plumbing & Septic Butler SLDGE Trib. L. Black R. ND
Grandin Sewer Lagoon Carter POTW N. Prong L. Black R. 0.035
Hillview Elem School WWTF Butler SKL Trib. to Ditch No.3 0.002
J B's Store Butler CAR W Trib. L. Black R. ND
Lone Star School Ripley SKL Trib. to Current R. 0.002
MDC, Montauk Fish Hatchery Dent TROUT Spring Br/current R. 23.250
MDNR, Montauk State Park Dent STROF Trib. Current R. ND
MDNR, Montauk State Park Dent PARKS Current R. 0.033
Mm, Van Buren Quarry Carter QUAR Carter Cr. ND
Naylor Municipal WWTF Ripley POTW Ditch No 2 0.075
Rideout Custom Backhoe Ripley GRAVW Current R ND
River House Ripley HEAL Beasley Cr./Current R. 0.009
Shands Country Inn Station Butler SER S Trib. L. Black R. 0.002
Summersville WWTP Shannon POTW Trib. Spring Valley Cr. 0.09
Twilight Club, Inc Butler CLUB Trib. L. Black R. 0.006
USNPS, Round Sprgs WWTP Shannon   Jacks Fork to Current ND
USNPS, Big Springs WWTP Carter   Current R ND
Van Buren WWTF Carter POTW Trib to Current R. 0.131
Vaughn Const & Redi Mix Texas LIM Q Trib. Spring Valley Cr. ND
Winona WWTF Shannon POTW Pike Cr. 0.175

Note: Table is not a final authority. Data subject to change.

1 Facility Type: POTW-Publicly Owned Treatment Works, CAR W-Car/Truck Wash, SLDGE-Sludge disposal/haulers, SKL-School, Trout-Trout Fish Hatcheries, STROF-Stormwater runoff, PARKS-State Park, QUAR-Quarry, GRAVW-Gravel Washing, HEAL-Health Care (Private), SER S-Service/Gas Stations, CLUB-Country Club, LIM Q-Limestone Quarry

2 Flow units in millions of gallons per day. ND= No DATA

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