Table Ge01: Current River Watershed Losing Streams

Table Ge01: Current River Watershed Losing Streams


Current River Watershed stream reaches designated as losing in Table J Rules of Department of Natural Resources Division 20-Clean Water Commission Chapter 7-Water Quality. Code of State Regulations (MDNR 2000c).
Stream Miles From To
Barren Fork 9.0 sw,se,ne,13,32n,04w se,se,se,18,31n,04w
Big Cr. 3.5 nw,nw,se,1,32n,02w sw,nw,nw,06,31n,02w
Big Cr. 2.5 se,se,ne,24,32n,03w sw,se,se,31,32n,02w
Big Barren Cr. 16.0 ne,nw,sw,06 25n,02w nw,se,nw,28,25n,01e
Big Barren Cr. 1.5 nw,sw,ne,30,26n,02w se,sw,se,32,26n,02w
Buchanan Valley 4.0 nw,sw,ne,20,28n,01e ne,ne,sw,04,27n,01e
Carter Cr. 7.0 ne,03,27n,01e ne,ne,nw,32,27n,01e
Gladden Cr. 11.0 se,ne,sw,05,32n,05w se,sw,sw,13,31n,06w
Gordon Hollow 2.0 nw,se,ne,13,32n,03w ne,se,sw,11,32n,03w
Hodge Cr. 2.5 sw,sw,nw,09,32n,04w se,nw,nw,28,32n,04w
Little Barren Cr. 12.0 nw,nw,nw,30,25n,01w se,sw,nw,11,24n,01e
Little Pike Cr. 5.0 sw,nw,nw,18,26n,02w ne,nw,nw,01,26n,02w
Little Sinking Cr. 2.0 ne,sw,ne,24,32n,03w sw,nw,ne,26,32n,03w
Middle Fork 3.0 sw,sw,sw,28,26n,02e ne,nw,se,10,25n,02e
Minning Haw Hol. 1.5 ne,ne,sw,01,32n,04w nw,se,ne,14,32n,04w
N. Fork Buffalo Cr. 5.0 sw,sw,nw,19,24n,01w nw,ne,ne,23,24n,01w
Orchard Mill Hol. 2.0 nw,nw,ne,32,33n,04w sw,sw,nw,09,32n,04w
Pankey Br. 3.0 sw,nw,nw,19,32n,04w nw,se,sw,06,31n,04w
Pigeon Cr. 9.0 sw,ne,nw,31,33n,07w se,se,ne,22,32n,07w
Right Fork 2.0 se,ne,se,02,27n,01e ne,ne,sw,04,27n,01e
Roney Hollow 2.0 se,se,se,13,32n,03w sw,ne,sw,14,32n,03w
Standing Rock Cr. 5.0 sw,nw,ne,30,33n,04w ne,ne,sw,05,32n,05w
Stringer Br. 2.0 ne,ne,se,06,32n,04w sw,nw,nw,19,32n,04w
Unnamed Trib. 1.5 ne,sw,sw,08,29n,06w se,sw,ne,16,29n,06w
Black Valley Cr. 6.0 sw,nw,nw,27,30n,06w ne,se,nw,05,29n,05w
Sycamore Cr. 6.0 sw,nw,nw,01,27n,04w nw,se,se,22,27n,03w
Pike Cr. 24.0 sw,se,sw,16,27n,04w nw,nw,sw,24,27n,01w
Young Hol. 3.5 sw,se,sw,10,26n,03w sw,ne,nw,18,26n,02w
Big Cr. 13.0 se,ne,se,17,30,07w ne,nw,sw,04,31n,06w
Castro Valley 8.0 ne,se,nw,01,29n,07w nw,se,nw,06,29n,05w
Spring Valley 29.0 sw,sw,se,13,29n,08w se,se,nw,20,30n,04w
Dry Bone Cr. 1.0 nw,sw,sw,21,30n,07w se,ne,se,17,30n,07w
S. Ashley Cr. 6.0 ne,se,nw,18,31n,07w sw,se,ne,34,32n,07w
Total 210.5

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