Table Lu01: Crooked River Basin Public Areas

Table Lu01: Crooked River Basin Public Areas


Area Name Size Activities Permitted Features Ownership1
Crooked River CA 1420 acres Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking Crooked River (3 miles frontage) and 22 acres of ponds, sloughs, and oxbows MDC
Hardin CA 238 Fishing Crooked River (1/4 mile frontage) 40 acre scour hole MDC
unknown unknown Fishing Boat ramp on Crooked River, West of Hardin HSRD
Foxglove CA 54 acres Hiking, Nature Observation Rare species protection, non-consumptive use area MDC
Wagner CA 130 acres Hunting, Fishing Cropland and forest, no stream frontage MDC
Ray County Community Lake 159 acres Fishing, Camping 25 acre lake, disabled access, boat ramp, fishing berms MDC
Blue Jay Trail Access 30 acres Fishing, Camping Crooked River (3/4 mile frontage) MDC
James Bridge Access 22 acres Fishing, Camping Crooked River/ Rocky Fork (1/2 mile frontage total) MDC
Bolinger CA 80 acres Donated area, (still occupied 1998) Will become MDC property when current owners decease MDC
Lawson City Lake 25 acres Fishing CAP2 lake, disabled access, boat ramp, fishing berm City of Lawson
Morton Bridge Access 24 acres Fishing, Camping East Fork Crooked River/ Crooked River (1/3 mile frontage total) MDC

1 - MDC, Missouri Department of Conservation; HSRD, Hardin Special Road District

2 - Community Assistance Program (MDC provides assistance and manages the fishery)

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Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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