Table Wq01: Pollution Incidents in the Black River Basin

Table Wq01: Pollution Incidents in the Black River Basin

Stream Date County Severity Est. Number of Fish Killed Monetary Value Cause
Lower Subbasin
McKenzie Creek 6/19/90 Wayne Severe 27,253 $6,433.13 Ammonia
McKenzie Creek 2/8/91 Wayne Light None --- Diesel Fuel
Tenmile Creek 6/10/91 Butler Moderate 4,490 $2878.30 Unknown
McKenzie Creek 3/4/92 Wayne Light Unknown --- Unknown
Black River 10/15/92 Butler Heavy Unknown --- Organic
Black River 6/7/94 Butler Unknown Unknown --- Diesel Fuel
Black River 10/6/94 Butler Unknown Unknown --- Enriched water
Cane Creek Trib. 6/26/96 Butler Light Unknown --- Dewatering
Cane Creek 6/18/98 Butler Unknown Unknown --- Unknown
Upper Subbasin
WF Black River 5/5/89 Reynolds Light 115 $15.50 Spawning stress
Doe Run Creek 3/18/92 Reynolds Unknown Unknown --- Creosote
WF Black River 6/16/92 Reynolds Unknown Unknown --- Mining effluent
Clearwater Lake 5/22/97 Reynolds Light 400 $982.68 Spawning stress
EF Black River 8/15/98 Reynolds Light Unknown --- Turbid water

Source: MDC files

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