Table Hy01: Active Gaging Stations in the Big River Basin

Figure Hy01: Active Gaging Station Sites in the Big River Basin


Active USGS gaging, discharge, and water quality data gathering stations within the Big River basin (USGS 1993).
Station Number Station Name Location Type Record
00717200 Big River at Irondale, Washington County SE1/4, SW1/4, sec.15, T36N, R3E; on the right bank, 50' upstream State Highway U bridge, 0.2 miles upstream from Mill Creek, 0.8 miles west of Irondal D/C/Q 1965-present
07018100 Big River at Richwoods, Jefferson County Sec.33, T40N, R3E;on left downstream bank side of the State Highway H bridge, 1.8 miles east of Fletcher and 6.8 miles east of Richwoods. D/Q 1942-present
07018500 Big River at Byrnesville, Jefferson County SE1/4, Sec.12, T42N, R3E; on right downstream bank side of a pier of a privately-owned bridge at Byrnesville, 4.0 miles upstream from Heads Creek. D 1921-present
07017605 Coonville Creek at St. Francois State ParkSt. Francois County; Sec.25, T38N, R4E; at first culvert on park road off U.S. Route 67. Q 1992-present

C = Crest-gage station
D = Continuous counting record gaging station
L = Low-flow station
Q = Water quality station

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