Table Wq01: Use Designations for Selected Streams and Impoundments

Table Wq01: Use Designations for Selected Streams and Impoundments


Missouri Department of Natural Resources use designations for selected streams and impoundments within the Big Piney Watershed (MDNR 2001). Locations are given in section, township, range format.
Stream Name Class1 Miles Acres* From To Designated Use2
Roby Lake L3 10 3, 32n, 11w   lww, aql, wbc, btg
Anderson Cr. C 1.9 Mouth 31, 33n, 09w lww, aql
Arthur Cr. P 4.5 Mouth 14, 31n, 9w lww, aql
Arthur Cr. C 2.5 14, 31n, 9w 26, 31n, 9w lww, aql
Bald Ridge Cr. C 10.0 Mouth 13, 33n, 11w lww, aql, wbc
Bear Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 25, 29n, 10w lww, aql
Beeler Br. P 1.5 Mouth 7, 28n, 10w lww, aql
Beeler Br. C 1.0 7, 28n, 10w 18, 28n, 10w lww, aql
Bender Cr. P 3.0 Mouth 13, 31n, 9w lww, aql
Bender Cr. C 3.0 13, 31n, 9w 8, 31n,8w lww, aql
Big Paddy Cr. C 4.0 Mouth 32, 33n, 10w lww, aql
Big Piney R. P 99.0 Mouth 16, 29n, 10w irr, lww, aql, clf, wbc, bgt, dws
Big Piney R. P 8.0 16, 29n, 10w 12, 28n, 11w lww, aql,wbc,btg, dws
Boiling Spring P 0.1 Mouth 24, 32n, 10w lww, aql
Boone Cr. P 3.0 Mouth 16, 32n, 9w lww, aql
Boone Cr. C 3.0 16, 32n, 9w 15, 32n, 9w lww, aql
Brushy Cr. P 3.0 Mouth Hwy. 63 lww, aql
Brushy Cr. C 4.0 Hwy. 63 14, 30n, 09w lww, aql
Burton Br. C 2.0 Mouth 13, 31n, 10w lww, aql
Camp Br. C 3.5 Mouth 35, 29n, 10w lww, aql
Cathcart Hol. C 1.6 Mouth 20, 31n, 09w lww, aql
Elk Cr. P 3.0 Mouth 24, 29n, 10w lww, aql
Elk Cr. C 2.0 24, 29n, 10w 30, 29n, 9w lww, aql
Emery Hol. C 3.9 Mouth 28, 31n, 10w lww, aql
Hamilton Cr. P 4.5 Mouth 5, 29n, 10w lww, aql
Hamilton Cr. C 2.0 5, 29n, 10w 7, 29n, 10w lww, aql
Hazelton Spring P 0.1 Mouth 34, 33n, 10w lww, aql
Hog Cr. P 4.5 Mouth 06, 29n, 9w lww, aql, clf
Hog Cr. C 5.1 06, 29n, 9w 16, 29n, 09w lww, aql
Indian Cr. P 4.0 Mouth 30, 30n, 9w lww, aql
Indian Cr. C 3.0 30, 30n, 9w 27, 30n, 9w lww, aql
Jacktar Hol. C 5.1 Mouth 22, 32n, 10w lww, aql
Johnson Br. C 1.0 Mouth 29, 30n, 9w lww, aql
L. Paddy Cr. C 3.5 Mouth 36, 33n, 11w lww, aql
L. Pine Cr. C 1.5 Mouth 12, 33n, 12w lww, aql
Mineral Spring Hol. C 0.8 Mouth 30, 31n, 09w lww, aql
Mooney Br. C 2.0 Mouth 3, 33n, 10w lww, aql
Opossum Cr. C 2.0 Mouth 36, 30n, 11w lww, aql
Potters Cr. P 4.0 Mouth 16, 28n, 10w lww, aql
Potters Cr. C 2.0 16, 28n, 10w 22, 28n, 10w lww, aql
Roaring Springs P 0.1 Mouth 35, 33n, 10w lww, aql
Rock Br. C 1.6 Mouth 10, 32n, 10w lww, aql
Sand Hol. C 0.3 Mouth 24, 31n, 10w lww, aql
Schoolhouse Hol. C 0.3 Mouth 19, 31n, 09w lww, aql
Slabtown Br. C 3.3 Mouth 23, 33n, 10w lww, aql
Spring Cr. P 6.5 Mouth 31, 35n, 9w irr, lww, aql, cdf, wbc, btg
Spring Cr. P 11.5 31, 35n, 9w 16, 33n, 9w lww, aql
Spring Cr. C 3.5 16, 33n, 9w 26, 33n, 9w lww, aql
Trib. to Spring Cr. C 0.7 Mouth 26, 35n, 10w lww, aql
Spurlock Hol. C 2.7 Mouth 15, 30n, 11w lww, aql
Stream Mill Hol. P 3.0 Mouth 27, 32n, 10w lww, aql
Stream Mill Hol. C 2.0 27, 32n, 10w 28, 32n, 10w lww, aql
Trib. to Beeler Br. C 1.0 Mouth 20, 28n, 10w lww, aql
W. Piney Cr. P 11.0 Mouth 33, 30n, 11w lww, aql
W. Piney Cr. C 2.0 33, 30n, 11w 5, 29n, 11w lww, aql

(MDC 1997b) This table is not presented as a final authority.

  • 1 L1- Lakes used primarily for public drinking water supply.
  • L2- Major reservoirs.
  • L3 -Other lakes which are waters of the state. For effluent regulation purposes, publicly owned lakes are those for which a subtantial portion of the surrounding lands are publicly owned or managed.
  • P - Streams that maintain permanent flow even in drought periods.
  • C - Streams that may cease flow in dry periods but maintain permanent pools which support aquatic life.
  • 2 lww - livestock & wildlife watering
  • clf - cool water fishery aql-protection of warm water aquatic life
  • wbc - whole body contact and human health-fish consumption. recreation
  • cdf - cold water fishery btg-boating & canoeing
  • irr - Irrigation *Acres given for Impoundments.

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