Table Lu05: Public Lands Within the Big Piney Watershed

Table Lu05: Public Lands Within the Big Piney Watershed


Acreage and permanent stream mile estimates are approximate.
Area Name Owner/Leasee Acres Permanent Stream Miles
Baptist Camp Access MDC 6.2 0.80
P. F. Barnes Conservation Area MDC 118.0  
L. A. Boesl Outdoor Education Area MDC 8.7  
Boiling Spring Access MDC 9.5 0.25
Cabool Towersite MDC 16.0  
Dog's Bluff Access MDC 2.9 0.20
Dripping Springs Natural Area MDC* 5.4 0.21
Peter A. Eck Conservation Area MDC 380.9 0.75
Ft. Leonard Wood Towersite MDC 60.3  
Horseshoe Bend Natural Area MDC* 220.3 2.19
Houston Forestry Office MDC 1.9  
Houston Towersite MDC 12.5  
Mason Bridge Access MDC 8.9 0.10
Mineral Springs Access MDC 6.0 0.25
Piney River Narrows Natural Area MDC* 248.5 2.05
Ross Access MDC 3.1 0.05
Ryden Cave Conservation Area MDC 29.7  
Simmons Ford Access MDC* 3.3 0.10
George O. White State Forest Nursery MDC 754.2  
Missouri Dept. of Conservation Total   1,896.1 6.95
Mark Twain National Forest (Houston-Rolla Dist.) USFS 88,942.3 87.90
Fort Leonard Wood Military Reservation USDOD 24,133.8 14.16
Big Piney Watershed Total   114,972.2 109.01

Note: This table is not a final authority. Data subject to change.


  • MDC=Missouri Department of Conservation
  • USFS=United States Forest Service
  • USDOD= United States Department of Defence

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Conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

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