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Managing for Quail

This newsletter provides timely, in-depth quail-management information for Missouri landowners and quail hunters.

In This Section

The Covey Headquarters, Fall 2016 (pdf, 470 KB)

Featuring: Managing "old"Areas for big Benefits", "Do Fences Really Help Wildlife",  and "SW Missouri Quail Study Nest Hatch Timing", as well as general quail management information for Missouri.

The Covey Headquarters, Summer 2016 (pdf, 938 KB)

Featuring: SW Missouri Quail Study Reveals Early Spring is a Dangerous Time for Quail, as well as information on quail management in Missouri.

The Covey Headquarters, Spring 2016 (pdf, 365 KB)

This issue covers the Missouri Outdoor Recreation Access Program, VIP Monarch Butterfly Project, the American Plum, quail reproduction, low yield field edges, pollinator habitat planning, and quail related awards.

The Covey Headquarters, Winter 2015 (pdf, 206 KB)

This issue provides and update of the quail ecology project and Bee Ridge quail focus area, quail emphasis area manager’s notes, prescribed burning for quail and much more.

The Covey Headquarters, Fall 2015 (pdf, 183 KB)

This issue contains information on quail monitoring, upland game habitat stamp, prairie chickens, and much more.

The Covey Headquarters, Summer 2015 (pdf, 391 KB)

Featuring: Using an ATV Sprayer for Habitat Improvements, and other materials devoted to the preservation and encouragement of Missouri's quail and their environment.

Wildlife Reminders

Quail roost on the ground at night in the patches of ragweed, goldenrod, and warm season grasses.

Ripe Grapes provide a sweet treat for wildlife. Quail, turkey, raccoons, foxes, and white-tailed deer all enjoy these healthy snacks.

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