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Artist Conk

Photo of artist conk, a woody, tan bracket fungus, shown from top
Artist conks can be seen year-round. The cap is shelflike, semicircular, and brown to grayish black. The texture is woody and they can be warty or zoned. They are very hard and are not shiny. More

Ash Tree Bolete

Photo of two ash tree boletes, tan pored mushrooms, one overturned showing pores
The ash tree bolete is a pored mushroom with a brownish, wavy cap, an off-center stalk, and clearly defined pores. It grows scattered on the ground near ash trees. More

Asian Carp Cleaning

Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers prepare Asian carp for cooking.
Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers are using an electric knife and a filet knife to prepare carp for cooking. More

August Kids In Nature Winner

Little boy holding his first fish.
Kent Keitner of Galena, Missouri took this photo of his grandson, Levi Keitner, holding his first fish. Levi caught the fish on the James River during his first, ever, fishing trip. “While his dad, our son, was getting things ready to start fishing, Levi cast his line and immediately started reeling it in,” said Keitner. “His dad was shocked when Levi came up with his first fish!” Keitner said that Levi and his sisters love playing in and around the creek that flows behind Keitners house and: “doing just about anything outdoors.” More

Back to Missouri (1940)

The theme of the 1940 film focused on the effort of the Department to bring landowners and sportsmen together to benefit wildlife. The film includes the commission's first chairman, E. Sydney Stevens. More


Have you always wanted to try camping? Are you curious about backpacking, but are not sure how to get started? This session will help you build confidence and prepare you to set out on an adventure of your own. More