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AJ Hendershott holds an atlatl

AJ Hendershott holds an atlatl.
AJ Hendershott of Cape Girardeau County holds an atlatl. This primitive weapon dating back thousands of years has made a comeback in recent years. More

Alabama Rigs

Alabama Rigs
The umbrella or Alabama rig on the left is not legal to use on Missouri waters because it has five lures with hooks attached. Only three lures or baits with hooks are allowed when pole and line fishing methods are used. The rig on the right is legal because only three of the attached lures have hooks. Two of the lures have the hooks clipped off but are legal to attach as fish attractors. More

Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold
Aldo Leopold More

Alligator Snapping Turtle Illustration

black and white illustration of alligator snapping turtle
Larger, heavier, and rougher-looking than the common snapping turtle, the rare alligator snapping turtle is protected, and harvest is illegal in Missouri. Check Missouri Turtle Regulations for more details. More

Alligator Snapping Turtle, Dorsal View

Image of alligator snapping turtle, dorsal view
Alligator snapping turtle, dorsal view. More

Alligator Snapping Turtle, Ventral View

Image of alligator snapping turtle, ventral view
Alligator snapping turtle, ventral view. More

Amanita (Unknown Species)

Photo of an unknown amanita mushroom with a yellow cap
Eating only a tiny amount of a poisonous amanita species can be deadly. Experienced mushroom hunters avoid amanitas for this reason. Identification can be difficult. Don't eat any parasol-shaped mushrooms with white gills. Several experienced mushroom hunters asked to identify the one in this picture cannot say for sure what it is. More