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Agent Mic Plunkett photographing evidence

Conservation Agent Mic Plunkett photographs evidence
Conservation Agent Mic Plunkett photographs evidence while investigating a wildlife violation in southeast Missouri during the 2011 firearms deer season More

Agent Tim Tallent Receives Hunter Ed Award

Agent Tim Tallent Receives Hunter Ed Award
MDC Conservation Agent Tim Tallent of Sullivan received the 2012 Conservation Agent State Hunter Education Instructor of the Year Award for outstanding service to the MDC Hunter Education Program. More


Agents Emery and Baldridge help area youth understand their job as an agent
Agents Justin Emery and David Baldridge meet with area families to help them determine if a career as an agent is right for them. More

AJ Hendershott holds an atlatl

AJ Hendershott holds an atlatl.
AJ Hendershott of Cape Girardeau County holds an atlatl. This primitive weapon dating back thousands of years has made a comeback in recent years. More

Alabama Rigs

Alabama Rigs
The umbrella or Alabama rig on the left is not legal to use on Missouri waters because it has five lures with hooks attached. Only three lures or baits with hooks are allowed when pole and line fishing methods are used. The rig on the right is legal because only three of the attached lures have hooks. Two of the lures have the hooks clipped off but are legal to attach as fish attractors. More

Alcohol Inky (Cut in Half)

Photo of an alcohol inky mushroom cut in half lengthwise.
The gills of the alcohol inky start out whitish, but they begin to turn black and liquefy in a matter of hours. More

Alcohol Inky (Deliquescing)

Photo of an alcohol inky mushroom, older specimen, with deliquescing edges.
The “inky” part of this mushroom’s common name comes from the fact that the gills turn to black inky liquid as they mature. More

Alcohol Inky (Young Specimens)

Photo of two alcohol inky mushrooms emerging from the ground.
The alcohol inky gets its name from the fact that if you eat this mushroom up to three days before or after consuming alcohol, you’ll probably get very sick. More

Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold
Aldo Leopold More