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Beefsteak Polypore (Underside)

Photo of beefsteak polypore, pored bracket fungus, shown upside-down
The cap is semicircular or spoon-shaped. The pores are circular; whitish, becoming reddish brown. The spore-producing tubes are very small and closely packed but do not touch each other. The stalk (if present) is very short and thick, broad, then tapered. More

Berkeley's Polypore

Photo of Berkeley's polypore, a whitish rosette mushroom
Berkeley's polypore grows in rosettes or clusters of fleshy, cream-colored caps, with whitish pores that descend the stalk. Look for them on the ground near the bases of trees. This picture shows an older specimen. More

Berkeley's Polypore

Photo of a Berkeley's polypore, a yellow rosette-shapped cluster of mushrooms
The Berkeley's polypore grows in one or more large clusters, on the ground near the bases of deciduous trees, especially oaks. More

Bernadette's Catch-All Muffins

photo of Bernadette's Catch-All muffins
Bernadette's catch-all muffins from MDC's new “Cooking Wild in Missouri” cookbook. More

Big Blue Cat

Fisheries Management Biologist Sarah Peper measures Greg Bernal's big catfish.
Fisheries Management Biologist Sarah Peper measures Greg Bernal's monster catfish. More

Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett, a longtime outdoor editor for the St. Joseph News-Press, is the latest inductee into the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame. Bennett, who died in 1999, championed conservation and the outdoors. The Missouri Conservation Commission established the Hall of Fame to honor individuals who during their lifetimes made significant contributions to conservation. More