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Big Blue Cat

Fisheries Management Biologist Sarah Peper measures Greg Bernal's big catfish.
Fisheries Management Biologist Sarah Peper measures Greg Bernal's monster catfish. More

Big Laughing Gym

Photo of big laughing gym, a rusty orange gilled mushroom
Big laughing gym mushrooms are large, orangish yellow, and have a ring on the stalk. More

Big Laughing Gym

Photo of big laughing gym, an orange mushroom, showing gills
The cap of this species is smooth and orangish yellow to fawn. The gills are broad, light yellow to rust, crowded, and attached to the stalk. More

Big Laughing Gym

Photo of big laughing gym, orange gilled mushrooms, on rotting log
Big laughing gym mushrooms grow in clusters on stumps and trunks of deciduous trees, on the ground, or over buried wood. More

Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett, a longtime outdoor editor for the St. Joseph News-Press, is the latest inductee into the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame. Bennett, who died in 1999, championed conservation and the outdoors. The Missouri Conservation Commission established the Hall of Fame to honor individuals who during their lifetimes made significant contributions to conservation. More

Bitter Bolete (Pores)

Photo of broken bitter bolete mushroom cap, being held to show pores
A broken bitter bolete cap, showing the long pinkish pore tubes. More

Black Bear Research Project

Black Bear Research Project
MDC Resource Scientist, Jeff Beringer, extracts a tooth from a tranquilized black bear for study. More

Black Morel

Photograph of a black morel mushroom
The black morel is a prized edible mushroom. It has a honeycombed cap with black to brownish black ridges and yellowish brown pits. It is completely hollow and grows in the spring. More