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coneflower on prairie

Purple Coneflower on Prairie
Colorful wildflowers bloom on Missouri’s prairies in June, attracting bugs, birds and photographers. Here, purple prairie coneflowers blow in the wind. More

Cul-de-sac Wetland

aquatic plants in cul-de-sac wetland
Aquatic plants like thalia, duck potato, and mud plantain occur in locations that are flooded longer through the growing season. These areas are valuable habitats that provide cover, bugs and snails to early fall migrating waterfowl. These areas are also used by wood duck broods, herps and native fish. The Cul-de-sac Unit at Otter Slough is a good example of where we’ve planted and managed water levels to promote this diverse wetland community. More

CWD Core Area Map

CWD Core Area Map
The olive-color box on this map shows the core area around where CWD has been found, and where MDC will be working with local landowners to reduce deer numbers. The core area is comprised of a 30-square-mile block along the northern part of the Linn- and Macon-county border and comprises about 2% of the counties’ total area. More