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Columbia Bottom Road Damage From Flooding

Columbia Bottom Road Damage From Flooding
A half mile of asphalt road on Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is shown devastated by recent flooding when the area’s Missouri River levee was breached June 2. More


A permanent stone privy at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area was toppled from its base by flood waters that breached its Missouri River levee June 2. MDC officials estimate it may take months to repair all the damage to the area. More

Combs Lake Management

Combs Lake Management Efforts
Conservationists are seeing improvements in fish reproduction at Jerry P. Combs Lake, located on Little River Conservation Area (CA) near Kennett. After nearly 9,000 largemouth bass were stocked in the lake in fall of 2011, biologists are noticing natural reproduction of the fish. More

Compass Course at Discovery Center

Compass Course at Discovery Center
The Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center at 4750 Troost Ave. brings nature and outdoor activities to the heart of Kansas City, such as a compass course in the native landscape garden. The center will celebrate a 10-year anniversary in the spring. More

coneflower on prairie

Purple Coneflower on Prairie
Colorful wildflowers bloom on Missouri’s prairies in June, attracting bugs, birds and photographers. Here, purple prairie coneflowers blow in the wind. More