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Ditch 105 Water Levels

Two pics show Ditch#105 water levels during and after 2011 flood
Although Ditch 105 (runs parallel between Pools 1 and 2) was plenty high at the end of April, the water levels are very low as we enter June. Over the next couple of weeks, construction crews will work on fortifying this bridge. Traffic to Pool 1 will be rerouted elsewhere. More

Ditch Work

Left image shows ditch with trees; right image shows shallow ditch in field
Before November 2011, we filled in a one-mile section of ditch that bisected Units A and B and allowed water to bypass the area. Now the ditch matches the surrounding elevations so that shallowly flooded ground in Units A and B can be better used. More

Diverse Grassland Habitat

Photo of diverse grassland, including wildflowers
Photo of diverse grassland, including wildflowers. More

downy painted cup

downy painted cup
The downy painted cup is one flower that, in Missouri, only grows at the Loess Hill Prairie. It is related to the more common Indian paintbrush, which has bright red blooms. More

Drawn to Wetlands

What comes to mind when you think of a wetland? MDC Wetland Ecologist Frank Nelson describes how plant and animal species distribute themselves within a typical bottomland swamp. More

Duck Creek CA Tree Damage

Photo of tree damage at Duck Creek CA
During the last week of April 2011, strong winds damaged trees along our roads. However, damage to trees within the pools doesn’t appear to be extensive. More

Duck Creek CA Waterfowl Abundance

In 2011, waterfowl numbers at Duck Creek peaked during the last week of November and first week of December. Despite a dip in numbers, mallards showed a second, smaller peak towards the end of December. More