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Photo of an American coot floating ducklike in water.

American Coot

Although it floats like a duck, the American coot is actually in the rail family. Note its short tail and wings and the pointed white bill.

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Photo of an American coot walking on ice, with lobed toes visible.

American Coot

The American coot has a chickenlike walk. Note that the toes are not webbed like a duck's but instead have distinctly scalloped lobes.

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Photo of American coot nest, eggs, and young.

American Coot Nest, Eggs, and Young

An American coot clutch usually contains 8-12 eggs, which are incubated for 23-25 days. The young are covered with down and are able to leave the nest within hours of hatching.

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Photo of an American coot nestling.

American Coot Nestling

Nestling American coots, upon hatching, have blackish down feathers above and orange hairlike feathers around the neck. The head is bald on top, and the bill is bright red.

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Photo of an American coot on its nest.

American Coot on Nest

American coots weave vegetation into shallow nests that float on water, attached to upright plant stalks.

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Photo of two American coots standing in shallow water.

American Coots

American coots are sometimes hunted for sport, but they are usually not considered good eating. In their wetland habitats, their bodies absorb environmental pollutants, and researchers use them as a way of gauging the amount and types of pollutants in the environment.

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Photograph of American Crow

American Crow

Adults are entirely black with a long, heavy bill. Voice is the well-known “caw, caw.”

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