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Adult Damselfly

Photo of an adult damselfly on a twig next to water.
Adult damselflies have very slender, elongated abdomens, delicate bodies, and 2 pairs of wings that are typically held together over the body. Adult damselflies are usually found near water. More

Adult Damselfly Eating Insect

Photo of an adult damselfly eating an insect
The legs of damselflies are held in a basket shape during flight, which is perfect for grasping small flying insects. More

Adult Periodical Cicadas

Adult Periodical Cicadas
Photo of adult Periodical Cicadas. More

Albino Deer

Albino deer in woods
This white deer was moving through the woods near Lake of the Ozarks on Nov. 13 (2011) as hunter Michael Utt took this photo. More

Albino Deer Standing in Woods

Albino deer near Lake of the Ozarks
Hunter Michael Utt snapped this white deer in the woods near Lake of the Ozarks on Nov. 13 (2011). More

Albino Hummingbird Flying

Albino Hummingbird Flying
This extremely rare albino ruby-throated hummingbird visited flowers and feeders at Lake Waukomis in the Kansas City area in late August 2012. Hummingbirds are migrating southward now and backyard feeders are a help to them in their journey. Photos courtesy Linda Williams. More