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Photo of an American wigeon pair floating on a lake.

American Wigeon Pair

The American wigeon is a popular duck for hunting. Missouri has several wetland areas managed for public waterfowl hunting. Our state and federal hunting regulations, National Wildlife Refuge System, and programs like the federal duck stamp help ensure healthy waterfowl populations.

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American Woodcock

A migratory species, American woodcock visit Missouri in the fall and spring on their way to and from their wintering grounds in the southeastern states.

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Photo of amphipod on a rock

Amphipod (Scud) In Habitat

Amphipods are something like "shrimplike sowbugs." The overall body plan is very similar to that of sowbugs, but their arched bodies are flattened sideways, like shrimp.

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Photo of several amphipods in the palm of a hand

Amphipods (Scuds) Are Small Aquatic Invertebrates

All of Missouri's species of amphipods are aquatic, and some live in caves. The size varies on the species; almost all are less than 1 inch long.

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Animal Tracks Video

This video shows you how to identify some common wildlife footprints.

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Anna's Hummingbird_10-15-2010

Female Anna's Hummingbird

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