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Photo of cluster of bleeding mycenas, small, capped, reddish mushrooms

Bleeding Mycena

The bleeding mycena is a small mushroom with a bell-shaped, reddish brown cap that bleeds dark red when cut. It grows singly to clustered on decaying wood.

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Photo of bloodroot plant with flower


Bloodroot’s pure white petals are even more remarkable given the plant’s bright red sap. This feature, plus the unique leaf shape, make this early spring wildflower easy to identify.

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Photo of a bloodroot flower, closeup of center showing yellow stamens

Bloodroot (Flower)

Bloodroot blooms March–April. The flowers open before or just as the leaves start to unfurl. The flowers have 8–16 white petals of uneven size and length, and many yellow stamens. The flower is about 1¼ inch across. Because the petals are of uneven length, one often finds “square” flowers. Each flower lasts only one or two days.

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Photo of blue cardinal flower flowering stalk

Blue Cardinal Flower (Great Lobelia; Blue Lobelia)

A showy, late-blooming native wildflower that grows along streams, ditches, sloughs, and other wet places, blue lobelia has blue or purple tubular flowers with 2 upper lips and 3 lower lips.

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Photo of blue cardinal flower closeup showing floral details

Blue Cardinal Flower (Great Lobelia; Blue Lobelia) (Closeup)

The blossoms of blue cardinal flower have the typical lobelia shape, with a 2-parted upper lip and 3-divided lower lip. They can be 1 inch long, and the color is light or dark violet, light or dark blue, or lavender; rarely they are white.

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