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Butterfly Milkweed

Butterfly Milkweed
Native plants such as butterfly milkweed offer hardiness advantages and many benefit butterflies, birds and other wildlife. More

Butterfly Pea

Photo of butterfly pea plant with flowers
Butterfly pea is a low, shrubby, or twining perennial in the pea family, with showy, butterfly-like flowers. The leaves are compound with three leaflets. This species grows in the southern parts of Missouri, in acid soils. More

Butterfly Weed

Photo of butterfly weed plant on a prairie
Butterfly weed, striking for its pure orange color, occurs in upland fields, prairies, glades, roadsides, wasteland, dry and rocky woods, and edges of woods, often on disturbed soil. It is also a favorite native plant for gardening. More

Butterfly Weed

Photo of butterfly weed plant with flowers
In case the name doesn’t make it clear, this milkweed is a favorite nectar plant for butterflies, and the leaves are eaten by the caterpillars of monarch butterflies. One of our showiest native wildflowers, butterfly weed is also a favorite of gardeners. More

Butterfly Weed (Flowers)

Photo of butterfly weed flowers
The flowers of butterfly weed are massively displayed in terminal umbels (umbrella-like clusters with stalks all arising from the tip of the stem). They can be many shades of orange to brick-red, and occasionally yellow. A close look at the individual flowers shows they have the same unique structure as other milkweeds. More

Calendar Elm

A chainsaw and a tape measure are resting on the stump of a large elm tree
This elm tree's growth rings provided insight into how the sight where it grew had changed. More