Image of a white crappie

Crappie by the Numbers

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Fishing skill + technical savvy = fishing and eating enjoyment.

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Gift of Lifetime of Hunting and Fishing

I was joking with Warren Rose (Missouri Conservation Department’s Outreach and Education regional supervisor based in Springfield) about whether he had gotten a postcard reminding him to buy his fishing license.

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No Bones about It: Prehistoric Paddlefish

The paddlefish is one very weird and ancient kind of fish.

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Rods, Guns and Wild Roses

When I started working for the Conservation Department, I felt a sense of being at home with people who deeply enjoyed nature and the outdoors as much as I did.

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Muck Suckers of the River Bottom Rise Again?

Life can be tough for a fish that may live 100 years, isn’t sexually mature until it’s 20 years old or more and feeds by sucking in worms, leeches, crayfish and fish at the bottom of rivers or lakes.

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Shoulder to Shoulder at Trout Opener

When I picture “trout fishing,” it’s often an image of a person alone in a remote stream.

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