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Published on: May. 21, 2010

Our blog, Duck Creek CA Updates, helps you stay in touch with Golden Anniversary Wetland renovations scheduled at the area over the next few years.

Creative Scours and Low-Profile Levees

This document in illustrates a different slant on creative scours and low-profile levees planned for the Duck Creek CA golden anniversary renovation. More

Integrating a Meandering Slough

This document illustrates plans to remove a straight bypass ditch and integrate a meandering slough through Pool 1 at Duck Creek CA. More

Thompson Ridge and North Pool 2

This map shows the proposed floodway structures that would allow water to spread into the lower portion of Thompson Ridge and Pool 2. More

Working With Flood Waters

This document illustrates plans to lower roads during the Duck Creek CA golden anniversary renovation, which will allow a safer, more natural flow of water during floods. More

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