Fountain Grove CA 2014 Waterfowl Hunting Outlook

Published on: Aug. 25, 2014

EARLY TEAL SEASON: (September 6-21, 2014)

Hunters are urged to contact the Fountain Grove CA hotline at 660-938-4692 or contact area staff at 660-938-4124 for the most current conditions. Designated teal hunting areas will be mapped and posted in the Hunter Check-In room, located on the west end of the shop building. Teal hunting opportunities are primarily located in Pool 2 Walk-in, Pool 3 and Pool 1at the current time, with additional water in West parsons, North Parsons and Prairie Pond. Due to the most recent rain/flood event (August 16-20) we were unable to disk and mow as normal, therefore hunters may have difficulty in finding adequate openings for decoy placement. We hope to have additional habitat in Pool 2 as season progresses.

As in 2011-2013 the East Side Hunting Units and the East Side Refuge Units will also be opened for teal hunting. Hunters should use caution when wading into borrow areas or other areas devoid of vegetation. Water and silt depths vary in these areas.

For Teal Season only:

There will be no drawing, and no1:00p.m. closure. Shooting times are sunrise to sunset. All hunters are required to check in prior to hunting, in the Hunter Check-In Room at the area headquarters, by filling out a Daily Waterfowl Hunting Tag. All hunters must check out at the conclusion of their hunt. Area lakes and ponds are closed to teal hunting.

YOUTH WATERFOWL SEASON: (October 18-19, 2014)

We currently plan to conduct a morning drawing each day of the Youth Hunt. Waterfowl Refuges will be in effect. Draw time will be 5:15 a.m. We currently are planning to have the water blinds in Pools 2 – 3 camouflaged for use during Youth Season. Water levels will be shallow, as has been typical for early season habitat. Access with boats may be difficult or limited. The entire area closes at 1:00 pm during the Youth Hunt at Fountain Grove.

REGULAR DUCK SEASON: (October 25-December 23, 2014)

Habitat conditions for 2014 are currently very good this year. We received good rainfall during most of the growing season and a flood on the west side during the month of June, provided ideal conditions for good moist soil production. Consequently, the flood also impacted our ability to plant any food plot corn in the west side units. Grand River levels are currently adequate to allow pumping. Hunting opportunities, including the number of units that are open and hunting styles (blinds or walk-in), will be dependent on conditions and the amount of water available. Past floods have altered our plans quickly. Additionally, natural foods and crops on the east side of the area look very good and our main supply reservoir, Che-Ru Lake is currently near full pool.

Waterfowl hunters are required to attend a morning drawing conducted daily at the area headquarters. Draw times are generally two (2) hours prior to shooting time; however, hunters should check times posted on the public web site and on the Fountain Grove CA hotline at 660-938-4692. Generally speaking in a “normal” year we should begin the waterfowl season with 15-20 positions and end the season with 35-40 positions. Hunters should expect a general increase in water levels as the season progresses and a subsequent increase in hunting opportunity. Water Blind hunting is allowed during legal shooting hours. Walk-In hunting closes at 1:00 p.m. daily. Boats and oars are provided for blinds only. Private boats are permitted, with ramps located at most pools. Waterfowl Refuges take effect on October 15th with no hunting or admittance permitted. Also beginning on October 15th, the area closes to all uses except waterfowl, archery deer and turkey hunting. See the area brochure for all special area regulations. Hunters may contact the Fountain Grove office at 660-938-4124 or the area hotline 660-938-4692 for the latest area information. For more information on waterfowl hunting in Missouri check out the Department of Conservations website at

Canada Goose Season: (November 27, 2014-January 31, 2015)

Fountain Grove will not be open during the early phase of the Canada Goose season (October 4-October 12). This early season is designed to reduce resident Canada Goose numbers, particularly where resident geese are overpopulating an area or causing problems. This is not the case at Fountain Grove. From November 27nd through December 23th, procedures for goose hunting will be the same as those listed above for the North Zone Regular Duck Season. Fountain Grove is closed to waterfowl hunting on Christmas day.

After the North Zone Duck Season closes, Canada Goose hunting will be by self-check in (December 24, 2014-January 31, 2015). All goose hunters must check in and check out through the Hunter Check-In room, located on the west end of the shop building. After the North Zone Regular Duck Season closes, during the remainder of the goose season, goose hunting is allowed during legal shooting hours. Additional information regarding goose hunting will be posted in the Hunter Check-In room and on the Fountain Grove area hotline.

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