Your Property

The Missouri Outdoor Recreational Access Program (MRAP) increases outdoor recreational opportunities in Missouri.                        

Prairie Chickens

The Natural Heritage program identifies species and natural communities of conservation concern in each Missouri county.

Browse tips on seedling selection, spacing and quantity.

Ground fire spreading.

Prevent wildfires, protect your Missouri home from them, and report forest arson.

In This Section

Property Assistance

Find out ways the Department can assist with improving your property.

Community Grants & Aid

Grants and programs to help make your community a little greener.

Soil & Erosion Control

Make sure your soil and stream banks do not erode into Missouri's rivers and streams.

Pond & Stream Care

Make the most of your private Missouri lake, stream or ponds. Topics include brief technical sheets known as Aquaguides and other related info to help you control water plants, improve fishing and frogging, build and maintain better ponds, and manage your pond's water quality.  Learn best practices for building near Missouri streams, stabilizing stream banks, and sustainable sand and gravel removal.


Wildfires destroy habitat, communities, homes and lives, but prescribed fire can help you improve your Missouri woods and habitat. Browse fire-control tools and grant opportunities for local fire departments, and get tips for conducting controlled burns.

Missouri Watershed Inventory and Assessment

This collection of natural-resource-related information on Missouri's primary watersheds is designed to help agencies, developers and builders protect our state's water resources.

Agriculture Programs

Whether you're managing for wildlife or livestock, you can improve your Missouri grasslands for better recreation, aesthetics and profitability. These topics show you how.

Responsible Construction

Learn best construction practices to minimize impact to Missouri's plants and wildlife.

Wetland Improvements

Browse tables and tons of management info on how to improve your Missouri marshes for waterfowl and other aquatic life.