Commercial and Collector Permits

Find the permits needed to become a wildlife breeder, collector or rehabilitator.

Class I Wildlife Breeder Permit

Downloadable application for a Class I Wildlife Breeder Permit. More

Class II Wildlife Breeder Permit

Downloadable application for a Class II Wildlife Breeder Permit. More

Permits and Requirements for Captive Game Birds

This brochure outlines the permits needed to release captive game birds. More

Wildlife Breeder Record Form

Download and print out this form to record all wildlife transactions. More

Wildlife Collector's Permit and Report Forms

All persons who take or attempt to take wildlife for research or study purposes must possess a wildlife collector's permit. This minisite includes the Wildlife Collector's Permit Application in two formats: Microsoft Word document and PDF. It also includes the Wildlife Collector's Permit Reporting Form in three formats: Excel, PDF and Word. Choose the formats that work for your circumstances.   More

Wildlife Hobby Permit

Download, print, and fill out this application to own ring-necked pheasants and bobwhite quail for personal use only and not for sale, and to own one game mammal purchased from a licensed Missouri wildlife breeder. More

Wildlife Rehabilitation Report Form

Download, print out and use this wildlife rehabilitation form to record required information. More

Wildlife Business Permits

From commercial fishing to taxidermy, find a variety of business permits centered around Missouri's wildlife. More

Resident Falconry Permit

Download and fill out this permit application practice falconry. More

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