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E-Permits: How To Buy

Enjoy the convenience of buying permits online

If you’re new to online purchasing, you may have questions about buying your sport fishing, hunting, and trapping permits through the Internet. Rest assured — it’s safe and easy.

Get answers here, and then enjoy the convenience of buying, printing, and using your permits immediately.

How do I buy e-Permits?

Easy. Go to our secure system and complete your purchase. A $1-processing fee applies for each total purchase, including multiple permits. Then just print your permits, and you’re good to go.

Can I buy commercial and other special permits through e-Permits?

No. E-Permits do not apply to commercial and other special permits, which must still be bought through MDC Permit Services.

Are e-Permits different from those I buy at my local vendor?

E-Permits are printed on whatever paper you load into your printer. Of course, we recommend you use paper that is light and sturdy enough to be read and carried in the field. Permits you purchase from Missouri permit vendors will continue to be printed on coated yellow. Vendors will begin switching to printing permits on common printing paper during 2014.

If my e-Permit is just plain paper, how do I protect it in the field?

We recommend slipping your permit into a clear plastic sandwich bag to keep it safe and readable in the field.

What if I lose or damage my e-Permit?

No problem — save your e-Permits on your computer and just print another. Or print several, and recycle the extras after you’ve completed the harvest-reporting process. Because your conservation number is linked to your permit purchases, we know when you’ve bought a permit and when you’ve Telechecked your harvest. And if someone tries to report several harvests on the same permit, we’ll know that, too.

Will I still be able to buy permits at my vendor’s store if I want to?

Yes. Vendors will continue to be a large, important part of Missouri’s permit-delivery system.

Can I still buy permits by phone?

Yes. Sport anglers, hunters, and trappers can still call 1-800-392-4115 to buy permits. At the time of purchase, you will be given a confirmation number. Use this number until your actual permits arrive in the mail (allow two weeks for delivery). The processing fee for phone purchases is $2.

E-Permit Fast Facts

When we started e-Permits

  • MDC initiated e-Permits for individual online permit purchases in March 2011.

Why we started e-Permits

  • E-Permits supports the growing trend and convenience of online purchases.
  • E-Permits provides added convenience to sport anglers, hunters, and trappers, allowing them to buy permits online, print actual permits, and use them immediately during season.

How e-Permits affects traditional permit vendors

  • MDC works with about 1,200 permit vendors throughout the state.
  • Permit vendors will begin transitioning to e-Permits in 2014.

All permit sales help pay for conservation

  • Permit sales are an important part of conservation funding, and e-Permit sales are growing.
  • MDC revenue from permit sales was $31.6 million for fiscal year 2011, which was almost 20 percent of the Department’s total revenue.
  • MDC issues about 2.6 million permits each year.
  • MDC sold approximately 900,000 fishing permits in 2012.
  • MDC sold approximately 1.8 million hunting permits in 2012.
  • About 1.3 million permits were for deer hunting.
  • About 234,000 were for turkey hunting.

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Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.

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