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MDC offers skills training for new hunters

Free programs teach basics about firearms and hunting to outdoor newcomers

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MDC awards state champion status to Benton County tree

A winged sumac on private land joins list of state's largest trees

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Sam Jewett stands on bulldozer he uses to fight wildfires

MDC: Help prevent wildfires!

The main cause of wildfires is improper burning of debris such as trash and brush piles.

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MDC: Cape Nature Center hosts ‘Feeding Frenzy’ Feb. 18

Watch as the center’s resident reptiles, amphibians and fish enjoy their dinner.

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MDC Andy Bueltmann holding an eel.

MDC: Resource scientists track American eel’s 688 mile journey

Tracking eel movements reveals their habitat and life cycles.

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two-headed black rat snake

MDC: Dial in to Cape Nature Center’s new audio tour

Visitors can use a cell phone to discover nature throughout the center’s exhibit space and trail.

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Prescribed Fire

MDC offers prescribed fire workshops in mid-Missouri

Register to attend a free workshop on fire as an important land-management method.

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Duck Hunting with Dog

MDC invites duck hunters to meetings in Springfield, Joplin

Zone workshops in March will give hunters chances to offer input.

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MDC to hold Vulture Venture at Shepherd of Hills Hatchery

Feb. 20 event highlights how these birds benefit us.

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MDC offices, nature centers, and shooting ranges closed for holidays

Find more info on MDC facilities by region online at

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