May 2013

New state champion northern red oak crowned in Howard County

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Missouri Champion Northern Red Oak

MDC adds 39 “Plus-1” to Missouri elk restoration effort

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Newborn elk in pen
Bull calf nicknamed “Plus-1” born on livestock trailer en route from Kentucky. More

Four St. Louis FalconCam chicks flourishing, banded for WBS research

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Photo of a peregrine falcon
Get more details through video of banding at: More

Lake Paho offers quiet fishing and lunker largemouths

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Lake Paho Fishing

Discover fishing in Missouri with MDC Free Fishing Days June 8-9

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family fishing
Share a pastime that can last a lifetime. Along with fish, you may catch some priceless memories. More

Striped bass to be stocked in Bull Shoals

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James Cunningham with State Record Striped Bass
Because of their size and fighting qualities, striped bass are highly valued by anglers, and help make Missouri a great place to fish. More

Trees may need special attention after wet spring

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The roots of a toppled oak tree form a jagged vertical rosette.
Imagine how difficult rainy weather would be for you if you breathed through your feet. More

Bushytails and bronzebacks are legal May 25

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An angler in a bright red kayak holds aloft a fat, 2-pound smallmouth bass.
Squirrels and smallmouth bass make Missouri a great place to hunt and fish. More

MDC offers free community forestry workshop in Kansas City, and webinar

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June 4 workshop will discuss benefits of public trees and encourage care for urban forests. More

Popular northwest acoustic musical artist John Nilsen to perform at Powder Valley Nature Center

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powder valley nature center
Discover nature through a free concert Friday, June 7, at 7 p.m. More

Discover nature in Columbia with free fishing event June 8

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boy fishing
During Free Fishing Days, June 8-9, anyone can fish in the Show-me State without having to buy a fishing permit, trout stamp or trout park daily tag. More

Five year Missouri poaching case against 46 ends in Federal Court

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Help MDC stop poaching by reporting poaching activities to Operation Game Thief at 1-800-392-1111. More