April 2011

Missouri Elk Arrival Delayed

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Arrival of elk at Peck Ranch has been delayed because all necessary health protocol testing is not complete. More

Conservation Agents employ MDC boats for flood rescues

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flood photo

New MDC KC regional office opens at Reed Conservation Area

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New Kansas City Regional office
The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will open its new Kansas City Regional Office May 2 at the James A. Reed Memorial Conservation Area. More

Southeast Missouri black bear trapping to begin in May

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Study will provide further information, such as movement patterns, population densities, habitat preferences, male-to-female ratios and overall numbers of Missouri bears. More

Primitive fish a precious catch to save the species

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A photograph of a researcher, standing in a boat, holding a 3-foot sturgeon
An endangered fish species that traces its lineage back to dinosaur times is getting help from the Missouri Department of Conservation. More

Conservation Agent helps rescue 13 from flooded homes

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Photo of agent Eric Heuring
Missouri conservation agents also assisted in Stoddard, Wayne and Ripley Counties and they continue to work alongside other agencies in rescue and evacuation efforts today. More

MDC & DNR host free Kids' Fishing Day at Montauk May 7

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Young anglers will have opportunities to catch fish and learn about fishing at Montauk State Park Kids’ Fishing Day May 7. More

St. Joe Arbor Day activities honor Year of the Forest

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Overstory research crew measuring trees
Celebrates trees – or pick up some free tree seedlings and meet Smokey Bear – as the MDC hosts Arbor Day celebration on April 30 in St. Joe. More

Governor emphasizes value of trees with Arbor Day proclamation

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arbor day 2011 postser winner
Missouri students join Governor in proclamation ceremony. More

Charleston students Discover Nature at annual Solar Day May 6

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Solar Day is just one way the Corse family partners with MDC employees and other volunteers to help local students discover nature. More

Hummingbirds returning, time to hang feeders

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Ruby-throated hummingbird in flight
This is a good time for people who enjoy watching their aerial skills to hang feeders outdoors to attract them. More

Free Kids' Fishing Day April 30 at Cape G. Nature Center

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Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center offers free kids' fishing day April 30. More