The Spring River Tributaries Watershed is located southwest of the Eleven Point Watershed and is bounded to the west by the North Fork of the White River Watershed. For the purposes of this report, the Missouri/Arkansas state line represents the southern boundary of the watershed in Missouri.

The Spring River Tributaries Watershed in Missouri occupies 480.3 square miles. It constitutes approximately 39% of the total area of the Spring River Watershed with the remainder in Arkansas and of which the Eleven Point River is also a tributary. The watershed occupies parts of Howell and Oregon counties in Missouri. It consists of three major streams which generally flow in a south to southeast direction and cross the Missouri/Arkansas border to join the Spring River in Arkansas. These streams include the South Fork of the Spring River, Myatt Creek, and the Warm Fork of the Spring River (Figure Bk01). The longest of these tributaries in Missouri is the Warm Fork of the Spring River which originates in the headwaters as Howell Creek within the city limits of West Plains, Missouri. From there, it generally flows in a southeast direction for approximately 28 miles where it then turns in a general southern direction and flows for another 10 miles before crossing the Missouri/Arkansas border. The Warm Fork becomes the Spring River at the confluence of Mammoth Spring at Mammoth Spring, AR.

The Spring River Tributaries Watershed has two cities with a population of over 1,000 persons. These are Thayer, Missouri (population 1,996) and West Plains, Missouri (population 8,913)(MSCDC 1997). West Plains, is the largest population center within a 100 mile radius in Missouri. It is also a hub of transportation. Two U.S. highways and one rail line intersect the city of West Plains and thus the watershed (Figure Bk02).

Unless otherwise noted, the information presented in this document refers only to the Spring River Tributaries Watershed in Missouri.

Figure Bk01: Eleven Point/Spring River Tributaries Watershed Location

Map of Eleven Point/Spring River tributaries watershed location.

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Figure Bk02: Spring River Tributaries Watershed Infrastructure

Map of Spring River tributaries watershed infrastructure.

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