Table Wq02: Selected water quality indicators

Table Wq02. Selected water quality indicators measured within the Eleven Point Watershed (USGS 1969, Aley 1971, Tryon 1978, and USGS 1995).
Flow Total Nitrogen
Air Temperature Ortho-phosphate
Water Temperature Total phosphate
Turbidity Sodium
Apparent Color Potassium
pH Chloride
Dissolved Oxygen Fluoride
Free carbon dioxide Sulfate
Specific conductance Silica
Total dissolved solids Calcium
Carbonate Magnesium
Bicarbonate Copper
Calcium-magnesium hardness Iron
Total alkalinity Lead
Organic nitrogen Manganese
Ammonium nitrogen Zinc
Nitrate nitrogen Aluminum
Kjeldahl nitrogen Fecal/Streptococci
Nitrate + nitrite Benthic macroinvertebrate

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