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Infectious diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) threaten Missouri deer, 520,000 Missouri deer hunters, landowners, wildlife watchers, 12,000 Missouri jobs, and Missouri businesses and communities that depend on the $1 billion in economic activity related to deer hunting and watching.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is working with hunters, landowners, businesses, and partner organizations to identify and limit the spread of CWD in Missouri. All deer hunters, landowners, businesses, and conservation organizations must do their parts, including captive deer breeders and big-game hunting operations.

MDC is proposing common-sense regulation changes for deer breeding facilities and big-game hunting preserves to help limit the spread of CWD. Changes involve more effective fencing to separate captive and free-ranging deer, restricting the importation of live deer into Missouri, and mandatory disease testing.

Our Chronic Wasting Disease page has more information or download Protecting Missouri's White-tailed Deer.

Share your comments on limiting the spread of CWD among captive and free-ranging deer.

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