Browse Missouri deer-hunting topics, including managed hunts, regulations, seasons, hunting areas, hunting tips, field dressing, tree-stand safety, and more.

Comment on Deer Management

We value your input! Browse discussion topics and comment on the Department's deer management. More

2014-2015 Managed Hunts

Missouri offers many managed deer hunts for archery, crossbow, muzzleloading, and modern firearms from mid-September through January. More

Managed Hunts: Selection Process

Weighted random drawing increases the odds for future managed hunts. More

Deer Regulations

Browse Missouri deer-hunting regulations, including archery and firearms deer hunting, resident landowner permits, antler-point restrictions, deer-hunting on MDC conservation areas, and tagging procedures. More

Deer Seasons

Find the dates for all upcoming deer seasons. More

Deer-Hunting Tips

Mother and daughter hunting deer with rifle
Browse tips for safe, successful Missouri deer hunting using firearms or archery methods. More

Tree Stand Safety

Follow these safety tips to avoid getting hurt when you hunt from elevated tree stands. More

Urban Deer Hunting

With a little research and hard work, Missouri's metro-area hunters can successfully find a close-to-home hunting spot. More

Share the Harvest

Donate your surplus Missouri venison to the needy. Find an approved processor or start a Share the Harvest program in your area. More

Deer Diseases

Learn about a few of the more common parasites and unusual conditions that people, especially hunters, might observe in deer: chronic wasting disease, cutaneous fibromas, hemorrhagic disease, Lyme disease, nasal bot flies and tapeworms. More

Deer Hunting Preparations

Prepare for a successful deer hunt. Browse tips on finding a place to hunt, ordering maps, and choosing a weapon, clothing, and field-dressing equipment. More

Field Dressing

Proper care and processing of your deer right after you've harvested it ensures quality meat. More

Missouri Deer Hunting History

Learn how conservation and carefully regulated hunting seasons helped restore great deer hunting to Missouri. More
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