Show-Me Muskie Project

Help us evaluate Missouri muskie management

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) invites conservation-minded muskie anglers to help us evaluate Missouri's muskellunge management program. We need a wide cross-section of muskie anglers at all levels of skill and experience. Missouri's Muskellunge Plan sets muskie angler catch-rate objectives, which can be documented most efficiently by anglers themselves. If you choose to participate, here's how the program will work.

Get the Show-Me Muskie trip record form

Your part is easy! Volunteers will receive a supply of "Show-Me Muskie Trip Record" forms. (See downloadable sample listed below) You can make photocopies if you need more forms. We only asking for essential information, so completing the form shouldn't take more than a minute after each trip.

Fill out a form every time you fish for muskie

Please keep a collection (file folder works great) of completed Trip Record forms for each day of muskie fishing. Even if you do not see or catch a fish, please complete and file a Trip Record form for each trip.

Mail in your forms once a year

Every year, we will send you a postage-paid envelope so  you can mail in your Trip Record forms to MDC's Muskellunge Program Coordinator. We will also send you a supply of blank forms, which you can complete and keep in your file during the next recording period. All individual information sent to the Muskellunge Program Coordinator will be considered confidential. However, you will receive group results in an annual newsletter, along with other information updating you on Missouri’s progress in culturing and managing muskies.

To participate in this important angler/agency management partnership, complete and return the Show-Me Muskie Project enrollment form listed below.

Dave Woods
Muskellunge Program Coordinator
Missouri Department of Conservation
2630 N. Mayfair
Springfield, MO 65803
417-895-6881, ext. 1623

Thanks for your help!

Key Messages: 

We work with you and for you to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife.

Complete and return this form to enroll in the Show-Me Muskie Project.

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Download and print out this form to help you record your daily trips for the Show-Me muskie project.

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