Fish Management Plans

Browse Missouri's fish-management plans.

Catfish Management

Download and browse Missouri's statewide catfish management plan. More

Lake Sturgeon Recovery Plan

The lake sturgeon recovery program's mission is to improve populations of a state-endangered species, and increase the sturgeon’s numbers sufficiently to provide a unique sport fishing opportunity to Missouri anglers. Download this document to learn more. More

Muskie Management Plan

Download and browse Missouri's muskie management plan. More

Paddlefish Management

Missouri's primary paddlefish management goals are to maintain healthy and sustainable populations and manage paddlefish statewide as a high-quality sport fish. More

Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Plan

Missouri's pallid sturgeon recovery efforts include understanding more about their life history, restoration of habitat, and artificial propagation. Download this 16-page document to learn more. More

Smallmouth Bass Management

Image of smallmouth bass
Missouri manages stream smallmouth-bass populations to provide a variety of fishing opportunities now and for future generations of anglers. More

Trout Management

Trout fishing accounts for about 14 percent of all Missouri angling effort. Trout habitat, however, is limited. Because trout fishing is so popular and the resource is so limited, Missouri's plan ensures the most efficient and effective management. Download and browse this 40-page report for more details. More

Walleye Management

As the popularity of walleye fishing has increased in Missouri, management efforts have followed suit in many of the state’s rivers and lakes. More
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