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ATTENTION ANGLERS: Live crayfish regulations change March 1, 2014

Effective March 1, 2014, the sale of one crayfish species, the virile (or northern) crayfish (Orconectes virilis), will be allowed for use as live fish bait in Missouri. HOWEVER, live virile crayfish may not be imported into the state.

Before you buy, know your fish’s favorite foods

The best bait or lure depends on what kind of fish you want to catch and where. Browse our Fishing How-Tos under Related Information below to research the kinds of fish you’re after and find out what they eat.

Registered bait dealers help protect Missouri's fishing waters

Browse live-bait dealers who sell only approved species that help Missouri anglers avoid spreading harmful aquatics, such as rusty crayfish and Asian carp minnows. Visit Don’t Spread Crayfish and Asian Carp Control below to learn more about how these invasive species hurt your fishing prospects.

If you collect live bait yourself, make sure to visit Live Bait Regulations below, and always collect bait in the area where you are fishing. When you’re ready to go home, be sure to throw unused live bait in the trash so your favorite fishing waters stay healthy and productive.

County Dealersort icon Address Phone
Miller Iguana Watersports Inc. d/b/a Lake Ozark Campground & RV Park 70 Legion Road
Lake Ozark, MO
Monroe Indian Creek Marina 23111 Monroe Road 589
Monroe City, MO
Morgan Ivy Bend Resort 33321 Marina Drive
Stover, MO
Buchanan J & B Outdoors 2722 S Leonard Road
St. Joseph, MO
Bates J & J Enterprises 1907 NE County road 2004
Butler, MO
Camden J-7 Market 6098 N Highway 7
Roach, MO
Lincoln Jerry's Fresh Fish 522 N Lindsey Road
Winfield, MO
Lewis Jesse's Place 612 N 4th Street
La Belle, MO
Taney Jet Tackle Shop 20333 Highway 160
Forsyth, MO
Cass Jim Stewert 1204 E Pine Street
Harrisonville, MO

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