Places to Fish

MDC-managed areas, community lakes, and stream accesses give you hundreds of great fishing spots throughout Missouri. Browse the links below and visit the Missouri Conservation Areas Atlas under MDC Applications to find detailed info.

Avoid Trespassing. Always Ask Permission.

Even if you enter a stream through a conservation area or access, please remember that the majority of Missouri’s stream frontage is privately owned. Ask permission before coming ashore on private land.

Beginning March 1, bowfishing is allowed 24 hours a day on rivers where commerci

Bowfishing Prospects

Browse bowfishing tips and habitat treatments, ongoing research, and featured Missouri conservation areas for hunting bluegill, green sunfish, carp, carp-suckers, suckers, buffalo, drum, gar, and all other species not defined as game fish or listed as endangered in the Wildlife Code of Missouri in 2014.

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Fish Attractors Map

Find some good fishing holes with this interactive, statewide map of fish-attractor locations.

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Fish Northwest Missouri

Browse maps and listings for places to pursue a wide variety of fish in northwest Missouri.

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Find the names and locations of all St. Louis-area public fishing areas and stream accesses, as well as information about the region's many fishing opportunities.

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Free Fishing Days

Try Missouri fishing without having to buy a permit or tackle the Saturday and Sunday following the first Monday in June.

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Girl with Catfish

Kids Fishing Days

Help the kids in your life get hooked on the thrill of fishing. Bring them to a Kids Fishing Days program scheduled at a conservation area or participating location near you.

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Live Bait Dealers

You can buy worms, crickets, and lures anywhere, but professional live-bait dealers help keep invasive species out of Missouri. Find registered live-bait dealers here.

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Paddlefish Snagging Report and Advisories

The 2015 paddlefish-snagging season opens March 15 and runs through April 30. Get the weekly snagging reports here.

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Rod-and-Reel Loaner Locations

Would you like to fish but don't have any fishing equipment? Browse 40 places around Missouri where you can borrow rod-and-reel sets to fish in local waters.

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Special Bass Management Areas

Browse maps of the ten Ozark streams that have special Missouri smallmouth-bass regulations apart from the statewide bass regulations.

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Trout Areas

Browse Missouri's red, white, and blue ribbon trout areas.

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