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Little Acorns: The Hungry Hummingbird
Reserve by 08/12
Wednesday, 08/12Runge Nature Center
5-Stand Sporting ClaysWednesday, 08/12Jay Henges Shooting Range
Story Time With Ms. LadybugWednesday, 08/12Springfield Conservation Nature Center
Creature Feature: Washout!Wednesday, 08/12Northeast Regional Office, Kirksville
Reserve by 08/12
Wednesday, 08/12Parma Woods Range
Shotshell Reloading
Reserve by 08/07
Wednesday, 08/12August A. Busch Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center
Women's Basic Handgun
Reserve by 08/11
Wednesday, 08/12Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center
School for Mother Nature
Reserve by 08/13
Thursday, 08/13Columbia Bottom Conservation Area
Feeding FrenzyThursday, 08/13Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
Discover Nature Fishing Lesson 2
Reserve by 08/12
Thursday, 08/13Busch Wildlife Lake 15, Forest Park Old Hatchery, Suson Park
Discover Nature Fishing - Lesson 1 - Equipment, Casting, and Proper Fish Handling
Reserve by 08/12
Thursday, 08/13Bois Darc Conservation Area
Discover Nature Women: Canoeing
Reserve by 08/13
Thursday, 08/13Runge Nature Center
Teens and Firearms Safety--Archery
Reserve by 08/13
Thursday, 08/13Lake City Range
Floral Design with Wildflowers
Reserve by 08/14
Friday, 08/14Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Aquarium and Snake FeedingFriday, 08/14Runge Nature Center
Discover Nature - Fishing: Lesson 1: Equipment, Casting and Proper Fish Handling and Lesson 2: How to Tie a Knot and Bait a Hook
Reserve by 08/10
Friday, 08/14Clinton Office Pond, 2010 South Second St., Clinton, MO
Floatin' on the River
Reserve by 08/13
Friday, 08/14 to Saturday, 08/15Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
Insect-O-RamaFriday, 08/14Springfield Conservation Nature Center
Kids Fishing DaySaturday, 08/15Roaring River State Park
Discovery Hike: Bear Creek Trail
Reserve by 08/15
Saturday, 08/15Runge Nature Center