Northwest Events

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Discover Nature - Family Squirrel Hunting Clinic
Reserve by 10/05
Sunday, 10/05Parma Woods Range
Discover Nature: Introduction to Hunting
Reserve by 10/18
Saturday, 10/18Parma Woods Range
Firearms Cleaning and Care
Reserve by 10/21
Tuesday, 10/21Parma Woods Range
Deer Season Sight-In Assistance
Reserve by 10/29
Wednesday, 10/29Parma Woods Range
Deer Season Sight-In Assistance
Reserve by 10/30
Thursday, 10/30Parma Woods Range
Box to Bullseye
Reserve by 11/07
Friday, 11/07 to Saturday, 11/08Parma Woods Range
Deer Processing Class
Reserve by 11/22
Saturday, 11/22Parma Woods Range
Muzzleloading Rifle Safety and Shooting
Reservations begin 10/15
Saturday, 12/06
Firearms Cleaning and Care
Reservations begin 10/15
Tuesday, 12/09Parma Woods Range
Sausage and Jerky Making
Reservations begin 10/15
Friday, 12/12Parma Woods Range
Beginng Fly Tying
Reserve by 12/31
Monday, 01/05 to Thursday, 01/29St. Joseph Regional Office
Advanced Fly Tying Class
Reserve by 01/30
Monday, 02/02 to Thursday, 02/26St. Joseph Regional Office