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Boy Scout Forestry Special: Interview the Forester
Reserve by 06/10
Wednesday, 06/10Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Conservation TEEN Club: Overnight Camping Trip
Reservations begin 06/02
Wednesday, 06/10 to Thursday, 06/11Springfield Conservation Nature Center
Introduction to Firearms
Reserve by 06/10
Wednesday, 06/10 to Thursday, 06/11Parma Woods Range
Discover Nature- Fishing Lesson 3: Five Common Missouri Fish-Their Anatomy, Habitat, and Life Cycle
Reserve by 06/05
Wednesday, 06/10St. Joseph Regional Office
Naturalist Training Camp
Reserve by 06/11
Thursday, 06/11 to Friday, 06/12Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
Nature Journaling for Children
Reserve by 03/25
Thursday, 06/11August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area
Reptiles Rock
Reserve by 06/11
Thursday, 06/11Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Discover Nature - Fishing: Lesson 4: Fishing with Lures and Fishing Regulations
Reserve by 06/05
Thursday, 06/11St. Joseph Regional Office
Discover Nature Fishing Lesson 1
Reserve by 06/10
Thursday, 06/11Busch Wildlife Lake 15, Forest Park Old Hatchery
Teens and Firearms--Pistol
Reserve by 06/04
Thursday, 06/11Lake City Range
Mammal Mania
Reserve by 06/12
Friday, 06/12Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Little Acorns: Prairie Days
Reservations begin 06/01
Friday, 06/12Runge Nature Center
Babes In The Woods
Reservations begin 06/02
Friday, 06/12Springfield Conservation Nature Center
Adventure Birding: Monitor Bird Nesting Boxes
Reservations begin 06/01
Saturday, 06/13Runge Nature Center
Beyond Basic Birding: Ground Warblers
Reservations begin 05/29
Saturday, 06/13Rockwoods Reservation
Hiking Club
Reservations begin 06/02
Saturday, 06/13Springfield Conservation Nature Center
Discover Nature - Shotgun Shooting Basics
Reserve by 06/12
Saturday, 06/13Andy Dalton Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center
Fly Fishing
Reservations begin 06/02
Saturday, 06/13Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
Discover Nature- Fishing Lesson 2: How to Tie a Knot and Bait a Hook
Reserve by 06/12
Saturday, 06/13Rutledge Wilson Farm Park, Springfield
Discover Nature Fishing Lesson 2
Reserve by 06/12
Saturday, 06/13Busch Wildlife Lake 2, Forest Park Old Hatchery